Selling Your Home When You’re Behind on Payments

There are plenty of reasons why you might fall behind on your house payments. Unforeseen circumstances may arise and this puts you in a desperate situation. As you get further you get behind, you may wonder if selling is the best option and if it’s possible. 

Reasons to Sell

One of the most common reasons to sell if you get behind on payments is if your home is close to foreclosure. Foreclosure occurs when you are far behind on payments and the lender repossesses your house. A foreclosure will also permanently be listed on your credit report and this can hinder you in the future. Selling may be your best option in this case. If you want to sell your home, you need to sell before your home is actually foreclosed on. Talk with your lender and determine if they will allow you enough time to sell. 

Understanding Your Mortgage 

If you do sell your home, you need to understand what this sale is contributing to. Your mortgage payments need to be repaid to your lender. When you sell your home, the money you make is often used to contribute to paying off the debts you owe in regard to your mortgage. When you talk with your lender about selling, make sure you discuss their expectations and how much of the money will go toward your mortgage. Often, your lender will give you a very short period of time to sell the home. Selling to a cash buyer may be your best option since cash sales are typically very fast and you get all the money upfront. 

Alternative Options 

While selling can help you out of a tough situation, there are some alternatives you can consider. The first is mortgage forbearance. If your mortgage lender agrees to this, they will allow you a period of time where you do not have to pay. This can provide you with enough time to get back on your feet. You can also apply for a loan modification. In this case, you can renegotiate the terms of your loans to make it easier to pay your mortgage. 

It may seem like you are out of options, but that is not the case. Take some time to talk with your lender and work out a plan to either sell your home or adjust your payments. You have options and can move forward.

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