Understanding Foreclosure and Your Options

Most people have heard the word foreclosure, but they might not fully understand it. If you’re facing foreclosure, it can be scary and disheartening. Taking some time to learn more about the process and the available options can ease your worries.  What is Foreclosure? A foreclosure takes place after a homeowner has missed several mortgage … Continued

How Do I Know When I Should Downsize?

When you downsize, you sell your current home and move into a smaller home that is more suited to your needs. People will downsize for various reasons throughout their life. Of course, there are also common situations that lead people to downsize.  You’re an Empty Nester  If you’re raising a family, you want to make … Continued

What Do I Need to Do In a Cash Home Sale?

Selling your home to a cash buyer presents you with a more convenient sale process. It’s cheaper, faster, and easier. However, not many people are familiar with the process. You need to know what you are responsible for.  Verify Funds  Once you’ve found a buyer and they’ve made an offer on your home, your first … Continued

Why Should You Sell for Cash?

Recently, there has been a rise in cash sales and cash buyers. With its growing popularity, many people wonder if a cash sale is worth it. There are many wonderful reasons why you should consider selling your home to a cash buyer.  It’s Faster  The thing that sets cash buyers apart from your typical buyer … Continued

Timeline of a Cash Home Sale

If you’ve never sold your home to a cash buyer, you might be wondering what you should expect from the process. Overall, a cash sale will be much faster than a traditional sale and there are fewer steps involved. This makes the process much more manageable and easy to follow. Finding a Buyer  Your very … Continued

What Do I Pay in a Cash Sale?

When you’re the seller, there are still certain expenses that you need to be prepared for. The benefit of a cash sale is these expenses will be much cheaper than a traditional sale. Before closing, you should be aware of what’s required so you can be prepared to pay.  Repair Costs  In many cash sales, … Continued

Understanding Professional Home Buying Companies

Selling your home in a cash sale is a faster and more convenient option than a traditional home sale. While you can sell to individual buyers, you also have the option of selling to a professional home buying company. But what exactly are these companies?  What Are They? A home buying company is any group … Continued

Selling Your Home When You’re Behind on Payments

There are plenty of reasons why you might fall behind on your house payments. Unforeseen circumstances may arise and this puts you in a desperate situation. As you get further you get behind, you may wonder if selling is the best option and if it’s possible.  Reasons to Sell One of the most common reasons … Continued

What Are Cash Homebuying Companies Looking For?

Cash home buying companies are growing in popularity because of how easy they are to work with. You can sell your home to a cash home buying company very quickly and get paid in full. In order to be considered by a cash home buying company, though, your home must meet some criteria. Their Objective … Continued

Calculating the Value of Your Home In a Cash Sale

When you sell your home, one of the most important steps is determining how much your home is actually worth. If you go through a traditional home sale, you might determine this value on your own and include it with your listing. In a cash sale, however, your home may be calculated for you.  Condition … Continued

How to Rent Back Your Home After Selling

In some cases, you may want to live in your home but not actually own it. Typically, when you sell your home, you don’t live in it again. However, there is a way that you can rent back your home after selling it. Sell to a Cash Homebuying Company The objective of cash home buying … Continued

Selling Your Home As Is

When you begin thinking about selling your home, one thing to consider is whether or not you will renovate your home. In some cases, you might choose to sell your home as is. If this is the case, you should understand what it means to sell as is.  Pros  Renovating your home can be very … Continued

Why You Might Be Having Trouble Selling Your Home

Most people think that selling their home will be easy, especially because they have an emotional connection to the home they have spent years in. However, sometimes the process of selling a home can take a lot longer than you might expect. If you find that it is taking longer than you thought to sell … Continued